Our Team

Craig Sponholtz is an internationally recognized stream and wetland restoration designer, contractor, educator and artist.  He is the founder and owner of Watershed Artisans, Inc. and has led the assessment, design and construction of watershed restoration and habitat improvement projects in waterways around the world.  He specializes in creating restoration projects that reestablish hydroecological processes, improve fish and wildlife habitat and enhance the resilience of riparian ecosystems. More information about Craig.


Watershed Artisans, Inc. is a fully licensed and bonded New Mexico Contractor #38898

New Mexico Contractors License Classifications:

GF-4  Drainage and Flood Control Systems

GF-3  Resevoirs, Canals and Irrigation Systems

GS-8  Earthmoving and Excavating and Ditching


The Extended Watershed Artisans Team

Watershed Artisans, Inc. regularly partners with a group of dedicated professionals with wide ranging areas of expertise. Our partners manage successful businesses of their own and, when needed, collaborate with Watershed Artisans, Inc., allowing us to create a capable team to fit projects of any size. Our frequent collaborators include:

Watershed Artisans Team on Comanche Creek in the Valle Vidal, Carson National Forest, New Mexico.

Project Development Team

  • George Cathey
    P.E. Oxbow Ecological Engineering, LLC. Flagstaff, AZ
    Civil Engineer specializing in river and wetland restoration
  • Trish Jenkins
    Cycle Farm, LLC.  Spearfish, SD
    GIS Specialist, Fluvial Geomorphologist and Farmer
  • Denise Smith
    Silver City, NM
    Project Permitting Specialist

Project Implementation Team

  • Jeff Adams
    Terrasophia, LLC. Moab, UT
    Water Harvesting Specialist
  •  Neil Bertrando
    RT Permaculture, LLC. Reno, NV
    Regenerative Agriculture Specialist
  •  Steve Carson
    Rangeland Hands, Inc. El Rancho, NM
    Heavy Equipment Operator and Road Drainage Wizard
  •  Joseph Franklin Owens
    Southwest Tree Solutions, Silver City, NM
    Expert Sawyer
  •  Aaron Kauffman
    Southwest Urban Hydrology, LLC. Santa Fe, NM
    Green Infrastructure and Revegetation Specialist