On-Site Project Assessment, Design and Planning 

Conservation Properties

Watershed Artisans, Inc. provides on-site consultation services for landowners and land managers. We can assess the health and productivity of your waterways, wetlands and wet meadows, identify critical restoration needs and recommend and prioritize regenerative management practices that will enhance the ecological, aesthetic and economic value of your land. We offer services at every stage of a project, from initial assessment to project construction to follow-up monitoring and maintenance.

Farm and Ranch Specific

Since 2006 Craig Sponholtz has been partnering with agricultural and environmental NGO’s, extension agencies and regional governments in the U.S., Australia, Canada and Mexico to cultivate watershed restoration skills among farmers and ranchers in local communities. He collaborates with some of the leading professionals in regenerative farming, grazing, water management and habitat restoration and is highly regarded among regenerative practitioners worldwide.  Craig specializes in water management and habitat creation within agroecosystems and understands the unique opportunities and constraints found on agricultural properties.

Off-Site Project Advisory Service

Craig Sponholtz provides limited off-site* project advisory services for practitioners and project sponsors specifically seeking expertise in turning passive water harvesting, erosion control, and stream and wetland restoration projects into an on the ground reality. Craig can coach you through any and all stages of your project including:

  1. Guiding your assessment process to encompass critical site characteristics and dynamics.
  2. Vetting your design concepts to ensure that your methods agree with your site and your objectives.
  3. Refining your project planning, to save time and money on construction sequencing, methods and materials.

The Project Advisor Service enables you to take the lead on your project while benefiting from trusted, expert advice gained from over two decades of experience designing and building all types of soil and water regenerating projects.

* We only offer project design as an on-site service, but we can guide you through your own design process and provide critical feedback on your design through our off-site advisory service.

Holman Creek slope wetland restoration assessment.